[MER] Arenal 12th Night

Upon the weekend of January 8th, 9th, and 10th in the year 2010, by Gregorian reckoning, in the small village of McKenzie, Alabama there will be a 12th Century Norman celebration of 12th Night. Hosted by the Shire of Arenal.

There will be classes in the following: Basket Weaving, Japanese Kumi Braiding, Period Arrow Making, Demo Planning, Medieval Literature, Inkle Braiding, and Medieval Meat Rolling.

(These are confirmed classes). We are working on scheduling several more including: Viking Wire Weaving, Rope Chair Making, Combat Archery Techniques & Rules, Marshaling and Leather Bottle Making.

There will be fighting to include: Armour Inspections and Authorizations HW/YC, YC Torchlight Tourney, HW Wheel of Death, HW Stag Tourney - with YC children watching, YC Young Buck Tourney, HW 3 man Warlord Tourney - with YC children watching, YC 3 man Warlord Tourney, Rapier, YC Pick up fights, one on one training, and Live Weapons and Archery.

There will Be a Youth Collegium to include: Weapon Making ( swords ) - Brother Finneous, How to die - Lord Wulf, Heraldic Display - Lord Antonio, Going to Court - Lord Wulf & Lord Antonio, Open discussion Q&A - Lord Wulf & Lord William ( Kingdom YC Marshal, if he makes it ).

We will have a wonderful feast with four removes. During the first three removes you will be awed and amazed by skilled entertainers. During the fourth remove awards will be given out. Then we will hold Fool's Court.

There will then be a short break to clear the feast hall during which time the populace can retire to their various accommodations to dress for the Masquerade Ball to be held in the hall. An area will be set up for a gaming center under the pavilion. The evening will end in a revel.

So come one—come all to Arenal's 12th Night Celebration

Contacts for the event:
Lady Izza Amat al Rahman — pachez77@hotmail.com

Coautocrat — (in charge of fighting schedules and Youth Collegium)
Lord Wulf cu Battell — wulf@valhalla-computers.com

Lady Alienora de Rowan — marrenthekat@yahoo.com

Lord Domingos de Leon — oldstickbow@yahoo.com