Estrella War News You Can Use

As we prepare for Estrella War XXVI, there is lots of things we’d like you to know about, but we don’t want to clog up your e-mail or overburden the lists, so we are bundling many messages in each Estrella War News You Can Use release.

There are five messages in this release, so keep scrolling down to read the ones that interest you. Thanks!

  1. Equestrian Coordinator seeks “Sponsors”
  2. Teachers needed for A&S Classes at War
  3. Online sign up for EW A&S Competition available
  4. Volunteer Spirit to be returned in good condition
  5. Save $20 per person by pre-registering for war

  1. The Equestrian Coordinator, is soliciting sponsorship of Equestrian Special Events.. She needs a Sponsor to provide a "class" at the Equestrian Area Lady Shoshana Drakere is looking for a few good equestrians to demonstrate horsey stuff for the youth populace. The idea here is to have the youth come down to the Equestrian Area for a demonstration, perhaps of horse anatomy, armor, barding, games....she is open to your suggestions. This would be followed by a "barding" class done on plastic horses either under our tents at the Equestrian Area or back at the Youth Center. If you are interested in coordinating this event, or you have any other event you are willing to sponsor please contact me at

  2. As the warrior’s feet take them to wars battlefield, we artisans are blessed with an opportunity to gather and share the knowledge we have gained this year. So, please sign up to teach it.

  3. THL Raven Mayne, Atenveldt A&S minister says he is “very happy to announce there is now a NEW easy to fill out ONLINE Estrella War XXVI (26) Arts and Sciences Competition Preregistration form. No more need for printing, coping, scanning, mailing the form to get them in.. And just to let everyone know we already have an entrant for EW A&S Competition from the Kingdom of Artemisia, so fill your form out today! Pre-registration must be received by Saturday January 16, 2010 You can get to those forms from the Estrella War Website or from the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S website.

  4. Here’s a missive from Lady Henriette de Saint Denis, EW Volunteer Coordinator, and Resident of Caid “Warmest and most grateful greeting to you from the Estrella War Volunteer Department! Thank you to all who have already submitted their volunteer form indicating their commitment to loan the war effort their Volunteer Spirit. Such generous benefaction of time is what helps keep the dream alive- now and forever. If you have not already committed to loan the War "your" Volunteer Spirit for Estrella, know that the following Volunteer Spirit Terms of Use will be strictly adhered to:
    • Volunteer Spirit Terms of Use:
      A) Any and all Volunteer Spirit loaned to the Estrella War effort will be returned to its owner in better condition than it was loaned. After all, we want you to allow us to borrow it again in the future!

      B) No Volunteer Spirit will be refused. Any and all volunteers will be happily accepted and appreciated no matter their home kingdom, household, title, lack of title, fighting interests, arts interests, hat size, or any other excuse for why you thought your Volunteer Spirit would be rejected in the past... This is EVERYONE’S war and all are welcome!

      C) Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the scheduling and specific needs and/or department preferences of any Volunteer Spirit loaned to the Estrella War effort.

      D) In return for the generous loan of your Volunteer Spirit, among the end-of-war raffle prizes, daily raffle prizes, camaraderie, snacks and other forms of goodies, you will also be showered with heaps of gratitude and appreciation.

      It's easy to register: Simply go to the Estrella War website, look for the Volunteering tab and fill out the very easy form. So now that you know the terms for which your volunteer time and efforts will be accepted, please do not hesitate to volunteer!

  5. I just saved $40 by pre-registering for Estrella War for myself and my brother (who comes out from Calontir each year) You can save on your Estrella war registration fees too! Just pre-register on line or through the mail and the savings is yours. PS, you also have your camping space reserved at the same time - no extra trouble!

Thank you!
Estrella War XXVI Media Office
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