[WES] Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet

Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet is fast approaching. Do you have your ticket yet?

The feast is going to take palce on November 28th which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The feast is Russian inspired.

There will be a silent auction and there will also be a drop off for Toys for Tots. I would like to challenge the other Yule feasts to see if they can beat the number of toys that the Province can gather. Bring your toys, your feast gear and anything you would like to donate to the silent auction.

The feast hall opens at 5pm with the first course starting at 6pm.

As a note this is a dry hall. There can be NO alcohol of any sort on this site. This will be strictly enforced.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $7.50 for children under 15. The nonmember surcharge will be collected although the West kingdom Welcome Committee will be willing to help those with the nonmember surcharge if you wish.

You can contact me directly at moira @ evenstarkeep. org

Thank you
Moira O'Connor
Golden Rivers