[ART] Twilight in Valhalla

By special arrangement with the Gods, the Shire of Castelleone Nuovo invites you to attend "Twilight in Valhalla."

Warriors will participate in a variety of snow battle scenarios for both heavy and light fighters. After the battles, you are invited to a Norse Style Feast in the halls of Valhalla.

Following feast the ice skating (site fee includes skate rental), garbed snowperson building, and other outdoor games for the hardy begin! Dress appropriately for the weather, burrr!!

For those who dislike the cold weather, there will be hot beverages and cozy indoor games, including a chess tournament in the warming house.

Prizes for heavy fighting, light fighting, and chess champion will be awarded at the end of the evening.

Merchants are welcome but in lieu of merchant fees; please donate an item for our auction. Your own table is recommended.

Note: This is an evening event; site opens at 4PM and closes at midnight. Crash space will be available.

To RSVP, please contact the Event Steward.

No pets

Please bring your own chair (just in case we run short)
Libations: Damp with period containers only
For crash space, please contact the Event Steward

Site fee: $7 includes skate rental + $3 non-member surcharge applies under 12 half price

Feast fee: $6 under 12 half price. Prepaid only, please, by January 20. Feast space may be available, but please don't rely on it!

Make checks to: Shire of Castelleone Nuovo, SCA, Inc.

Event Steward: Baruch ben Moshe rico_ratso@yahoo.com
Feast Steward: Kat the Wench fansca@yahoo.com

Directions: Memorial Park Warming House and Ice Rink are located at the back side of Memorial Park, between the park and the baseball stadium. When traveling in Helena, remember that Hwy 12, Euclid, and Lyndale are all the same road. Main Street and Last Chance Gulch are also the same road. There is some construction going on over by the pool, that enterance may or may not be open. Signs will be posted.

From the West: Best route to Helena Montana. Take US-12 into Helena and turn left onto Last Chance Gulch at the light. Immediately turn right onto Memorial Drive. The Warming House will be .03 miles ahead on your left.

From the South: Best route to Helena Montana. Take I-15 Cedar Street Exit 193. Get in the far left lane and make a left onto Cedar Street. Follow the road for about 1.25 miles, it will curve, then turn left into Memorial Park.

From the North: Best route to Helena Montana. Take I-15 to Cedar Street Exit 193. Go right onto Cedar Street at the light and go about 1 mile, it will curve, then turn into Memorial Park.

From the East: Best route to Helena Montana. Take Route 12 into Helena. Follow Route 12 by taking a right onto Montana Ave. 12 West merges with Montana Ave for a short while. At the big intersection, stay on 12 by bearing left. Take a right onto Last Chance Gulch, then an immediate right onto Memorial Drive. The Warming House will be .03 miles on your left.