[WES] Winter Coronet

Their Highnesses Riddari Georg of Glacier's Edge and Katarzina Porjaski, Prince and Princess of Oertha, welcome one and all to a celebration of Oertha's 50th reign by bearing witness to Their Coronet Tournament and the selection of Their heirs by right of combat on January 16th and Their investiture January 17th, 2010. There will be a Roses Tourney for Heavy, Rapier and Youth Boffer Jousting after the heirs have been selected.

In honor of this occasion, Oertha has come together in a Principality Arts and Science Competition with all Branches sponsoring a contest. Everyone is invited to participate and multiple entries are encouraged with extra points for combining categories. (i.e. Illuminated letters and calligraphy, Russian dessert with bobbin laced-looking icing) Be creative and have fun.

Here are the individual categories:
Principality Scribe: Illuminated Letters / Eskalya: leather, horn or wood drinking vessels / St. Guinefort: Calligraphy / Winter's Gate: Embroidered blackwork in clothing or accessories / Selviergard: Viking turn shoes / Pavlok Gorod: Favorite Russian dessert redacted with documentation / Ynys Taltraeth: Wooden box either wood-burned or painted AND/OR any Viking cord / Earngyld: Bobbin lace with metallic threads / Ravensfjord: Viking Wired Jewelry / St. Boniface; A Poem in any period style to Honor the Princes and Princesses of Oertha (any Past, Present and Future Royals) The pieces do not have to be performed.

In addition to the Oerthan A&S Competition here are the traditional competitions:
The Prince's Whim is Viking hats. The Princess's Whim is Viking treasure necklaces.

The Autocrat's Whim is Boffer helmet crests from 6-8 inches in height; must be able to have 2"x2" square of Velcro attached to the bottom. There will be 2 categories: Adult & Under 16. These crests will be used in the Youth Boffer Roses Jousting Tourney. All Youth Boffer Roses Tourney participants MUST have a crest. (Parents, break out the glue gun)

A light lunch of soup and bread will be provided both Saturday and Sunday with a light breakfast on Sunday.

Site Information: Eagle River Lions Club/P.O. Box 771046 Eagle River, AK 9957.

Site Fee - $20 adults, $10 children, $60 family cap, $3 non-member fee.

Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.
Lists open at 11am Saturday.

Autocrat: Elizabeth deGresse vividak@yahoo.com

Directions: Eagle River Lions’ Club at Mile 2 Eagle River Road in Eagle River, Alaska. From Anchorage travel North on the New Glenn to the South Eagle River exit, turn right onto Artillery; turn right again at the light onto Eagle River Road. The Lions Club is located next to the ball fields. From Palmer/Wasilla and all points north, travel South to the South Eagle River exit, etc.