[ATL] Atlantian Twelfth Night

In recognition of the commencement of the Carnival season, all and sundry are welcome at St. Mark's Square where the Doge's Palace shall be thrown open in celebration of Twelfth Night!

The doors will be opened at 10 am on the Ninth day of January 1580. There is much fun and merrymaking to be had while mingling throughout the palace in your finest while dining, shopping, and enjoying the festivities of the day.

The Doge has received a Turkish cook as a gift from Murad III, and he would like to share with his guests how wonderfully the Venetian and Ottoman cultures compliment each other. Each dish is a real treat!

Baxter Hood Center
452 S. Anderson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Site Restrictions: No weapons, no flames, no pets, no glitter/confetti