Article Examines SCA History, Customs, and Values

Morning Call: The local newspaper that broke the story about the Ben Schragger child abuse allegations has followed that series of articles with a feature story on the SCA itself. In her article, reporter Kathleen Parrish writes:

Like a scene out of the movie ''A Knight's Tale,'' two fighters wearing shiny armor and visors exchange blows in a firestorm of swordplay until one stabs the other in the chest. The wounded man crashes to the floor and dies in the middle of the Schnecksville Fire Company hall.

A moment later, he jumps to his feet, and the fighters, sweaty and smiling, shake hands.

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where knights in armor, chivalry and mead-making still exist.

The article talks about the history of the SCA, the organization's goal of creating the Middle Ages in an historical context, and the ethical values espoused by SCA members. The reporter interviewed numerous SCA members and officials, including the local Seneschal, Lord Derek Fairhair, and SCA President Meg Baron.

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