A feast for the orgy

In an article for Remembrance of Meals Past, Corky White remembers the time she was asked to prepare a Roman feast for a Harvard professor.

White writes:

I carried the boxes of delicacies through the Doric columns of the host's Victorian Cambridge home. The house had been swept free of furniture, the floors laid with oriental carpets and strewn with pillows. Our host said, oh just leave directions for the servers. At that point, the door bell rang, and I opened the door on a perfectly matched pair of most fetchingly attired male undergraduates, wearing tiny chitons covering their toned bodies minimally in draped cloth, with those Demetrius and the Gladiator sandals, trussed up the legs. I was to return by noon the next day to pick up my dishes. (NOON? What low expectations he had! Surely orgies go on for days?)