[DRA] Celebration of St Cecilia

Come and participate in a weekend filled with song, music, and dance! Come and help us honor St Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians and church music! Come and experience the poetic and romantic medieval times. Come and celebrate St Cecilia!

Celebration of St Cecilia
4th – 6th of December 2009
Holmrike – Nordmark

During the day there will be several workshops where you can practice singing in a choir, playing instrumental music, and dancing, with sessions both for beginners to the intermediate. In the evening there will be a great ball, with lovely music performed and excellent food served, and of course a lot of dancing.

Detailed information about the workshops will be added over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned and visit this site often!

When: December 4, 19:00 – December 6, 12:00

Östra Reals Gymnasium
Karlavägen 79
Stockholm, Sweden

The site, which is a school in central Stockholm, is easy to reach through subway, bus, or taxi from Stockholm Central Station, and is discreetly wet. Classrooms will be used as sleeping quarters and will be separated into quiet- and party-areas.

The price for this event is 350 SEK/person (€35) which includes sitefee, 1 light meal on Friday, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts, and of course the feast on Saturday. Residents in Sweden should pay to PG 42 40 36-2, while foreign guests can pay upon arrival. Be aware that after Friday the 27'th of November, a late registration and/or payment fee of 50 SEK will be charged as well. Late payment fee does not apply to foreign guests though, as you're expected to pay upon arrival. :-)

Feel free to contact the autocrats (StCecilia€nordmark.org) if you have any questions.

Lord Náttfari Garðarsson (Main)
Lady Filippa van Qualyn
Lady Raghnil de Kaxtone