British Producer Seeks Experts to Design "Super Weapons"

East Kingdom List: Matthew Catling, a British television producer for Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd, is looking for a select group of people to design, build test ancient "super weapons." Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd. is one of the companies that produces television programs for the Discovery Channel. Now one of their producers, Matthew Catling, has announced that he is looking for a select group of engineers, timber framers, blacksmiths and other experts who can design and construct such monster devices as giant siege engines or battering rams. The focus of the program is on engines used by the Greeks and Romans.

Matthew Catling described his requirements as follows:

"Our candidates should be men or women with the following qualities:
* A high level of skill and imagination. Our team members need to be able to solve the manufacturing and engineering problems faced by their historic counterparts using only wood, rope, bronze and other historically accurate materials.
* An enthusiastic and outgoing personality. They must be comfortable with the idea of being part of a lively on-screen team.
* Teams should consist of 'young men and women no older than their early thirties.'"

The program is set to be filmed between February and March 2004 in a Mediterranean location. Interested parties should send an email to Mr. Catling with a description of themselves and what they do as well as a photo.

Matthew Catling
Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd