[ART] Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium

As the crisp Fall air descends upon the lands of Artemisia, it is time to take on scholarly pursuits at Kingdom Collegium hosted by the Barony of Arn Hold.

We are rounding up an impressive array of classes for all interests, and we are excited to take part and participate in the talents of all Artemisia. There are a number of special guest instructors scheduled for the day. For the Duelists, there will be a track on rapier in the Spanish Style. As Pilgrim Badges are a category for Estrella War coming in just a few months, there will be a guest lecture from Dr. Ellis L. "Skip" Knox on "A Virtual Pilgrimage from France to Jerusalem." There will be a number of "hot" hands-on classes such as pewter casting, glass bead making, wet felting, and making mozzarella cheese. The Kingdom Youth Officer is working on a Youth Track.

Included in your site fee will be a lunch spread provided by the Arn Hold Cooks Guild.

The schedule for the day:
Site will open by 9am, with classes starting at 10am. The final classes will end at 5:45pm so Their Majesties can sum up the day before we all head off to dinner.

Site Fee (lunch-included):
$6 for adults
$4 for those under the age of 16
No charge for those under the age of 5
Family cap of $20. There will also be a $3 surcharge for non-members.
Make checks payable to "Barony of Arn Hold".

Some classes will have fees associated with them, please see the class details as they come available for this information.

The site is Galileo Math & Science Magnet School at 4735 W. Saguaro Dr. Eagle, ID. The site is DRY and there is no smoking on school grounds or in the parking lot.

Take your best route to I-84, Exit 46: Idaho Hwy 55, Eagle Rd. Go north on Idaho Hwy 55 4.6 miles to US Hwy 20/26 Chinden Blvd (8th-ish stop light). Turn left (west) on Chinden Blvd and go 3.0 miles to Linder Rd. Turn right on Linder Rd. and go 2.6 miles (crossing the Boise River and ID Hwy 44, State St) to Saguaro Dr. Turn right on Saguaro Dr. and Galileo Math & Science Magnet School is first on your right.

*Event Steward (in charge of the messy stuff): HE K. Braden von Sobernheim - idahobrad@cableone.net
*Class Coordinator (the cool stuff): HE Esabell Grant - sxcscates@hotmail.com
*Webpage and Visual Media Coordinator (the fun stuff): HE Varia Goffe - damevaria@yahoo.com
*Crash Space Coordinator (the comfy stuff): HE Rachel Ravenlock - damethaya@yahoo.com
*Kingdom Youth Officer (to answer youth-related questions): Aurora de Portugal - dtavares1@hotmail.com