King Harold to be Disinterred

Guardian Unlimited: If archaeologists have their way, a tomb containing remains, which may or may not be those of King Harold, the last Anglo Saxon ruler of England, will soon be opened. Archaeologists have requested church officials to give permission for an unmarked tomb at Holy Trinity Church at Bosham, West Sussex to be opened. They believe that the grave may contain the remains of King Harold, the last Anglo Saxon ruler of England killed in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Researchers hope that bones found in the grave can be DNA tested against the DNA of those who claim to be descendents of Harold.

Many historians believe that this could not be the final resting place of King Harold, since his body was taken in secrcy to Waltham Abbey in Essex in order to keep his grave from becoming a source of pilgrimage.

The diocese is expected to give their decision at a later date.