Dealing from the Meridian deck

Lord Wulf cu Battell of the Kingdom of Meridies has created a set of playing cards based on a 15th century deck.

Lord Wulf writes:

If you're bored like I was the other day, you can make your own set of playing cards.

There you will find 15 pages that can be printed out to make a set of Meridian Playing Cards.

The instructions are pretty simple:

  1. Click on an image from the above link, then on the right hand side, click on FULLSIZE.
  2. From there you can either print the image or save it to your computer.
  3. Use you BACK button to return to the gallery and do the same for the other images.
  4. There are 56 cards total consisting of the standard 52 plus 4 different "jokers"
  5. You will need to print the card back image 14 times
  6. Get your scissors and cut along the lines on the outside of each card.
  7. Glue all of the card fronts onto a posterboard or card stock and cut them out again.
  8. Glue the backs on these.
  9. Trim as needed
  10. Call your buddies over for some poker and beers, and enjoy !!!!

It's a lot of work but the results are well worth the effort and I love how my deck turned out. I used an off white and textured paper for the cards to give them an older look and instead of glue I used this nifty little double sided tape sticky gooey stuff that got all over everything but worked out well.

I based the cards on a 15th Century set found in a museum collection and used the same dimensions and shape for the cards themselves. There are 4 suits, each with an Ace through to the King. So I say they are Quasi-Historically accurate because I did base them on actual period playing cards, just added a nice Meridian flavour to them.

In Service,
Lord Wulf cu Battell
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