[ATE] Twin Moons Tavern Tournament

Their Excellencies, Morgan and Elizabeth, Baron and Baroness of Twin Moons extend hospitality to all in their Viking Tavern this December 5th.

It is rumored the Tavern may be overrun by men a vikingur in hardsuit, in rapier and our youth. If death should occur and these men are sent to Valhalla, our youth will make sure that nothing of value in this world goes to waste. The `maidsĀ“ will be asked to show off their serving skills in the Barmaids Contest while navigating the mayhem within the TavernĀ“s walls and finally, a new Twin Moons bard will be chosen during the mealtime hour while they entertain the patrons of the pub.

A feast is being prepared for the enjoyment of all who seek hospitality in the Tavern. Our hosts extend a challenge to all patrons to participate in a dessert contest with winners named for the most period and the most yummy.

Throughout the day there will be games for young and old and a stitching area set up. For our youth, the Page for a Day will be encouraged and a reward given for service.

Date/Time: Saturday, December 5th from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Daley Park, 31 East 5th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281

Directions from the East:
Take US 60 to Rural Rd. Turn right (north) onto Rural. At Broadway turn left (west). At Ventura turn right (north) and then left onto E. Encanto. The Tavern will be on the ball field.

Directions from the West:
The same as above except at Rural Rd. turn left to go north.

Site Fees including
Feast: $12.00 for adult members, $5 for youth ages 6-17, Free for Children 5 and under. (A $3.00 fee will be charged to non-member adults)

Site Rules:
The site is discretely damp. Pets need to be on leashes and cleaned up after. NO STAKING ALLOWED! Sand bags are allowed if you feel you need them.

There is a playground, restroom and water faucet at the site. There are only a few trees on the sideline so please bring shade.

Event Steward:
Lady Loretta de Tonge nurseetta@aol.com.

Feast Steward: Maitresse Melisend de Chartres commedia2nite@hotmail.com