Gulf Wars Needs Teachers!

Lady Charmayne D'aix-la-Chapelle reports that teachers and artisans are needed for the 2010 Gulf Wars.

Gulf Wars is fast approaching! And Gulf Wars needs teachers, artisans, and guilds to hold classes, workshops, demonstrations, meetings, etc! We invite all good gentles of this Kingdom to submit any and all arts and science related activities for Gulf Wars via the web site

This year at Gulf Wars, we strongly encourage folks to submit hands-on type classes and activities. Due to the length of the war, projects that take multiple hours - or days - to complete can more easily be accomplished, so don't be afraid to propose a class with non-traditional length or several 'parts.' As in previous years, there are many teaching locations around the Gulf Wars site - Al-Mahala (Middle Eastern Activities), Early Period, Equestrian, Falconry, Herald's point, Kennel Lands, Page school, and Scribe's Point are all seeking instructors for their areas.

New this year, Collegium and Artisan's Row have merged, and most traditional 'downtown' classes will be coordinated through Artisan's Row. This will include European Dance classes as well as Theatre/Stage activities. Artisan's Row will have a "lecture tent" available with a projection screen and electricity for more traditional 'lecture-type' classes, but encourages teachers to consider how they might make a traditional 1-hour lecture class into a hands-on class (of any needed length). Artisans Row also encourages 'open workshop,' demonstration, and even one-on-one tutoring type sessions as follow-ups to other classes, or for artisans to share the techniques and projects they are working on with the populace. Contact artisans.row@; with questions or unique proposals for teaching in this area.

If you have a guild meeting, or hands-on/on site competition you'd like to host at Gulf Wars (like the "Cast-Iron Chef" day we've had in the past), please also use this form, or contact Lady Charmayne D'aix-la-Chapelle to discuss logistics or questions relating to the event. In fact, please do not hesitate to contact her via at with any questions or concerns regarding non-martial activities at Gulf Wars!