[ATL] Crown Tournament

Atlantia has a new Tsar and Tsaritsa, but our future is in doubt. They must have Heirs. His Majesty has declared that His Barony by the sea, Marinus, shall host His inaugural Crown Tournament. Come one and all to witness the contest for the greatest prize in the Known World, The Atlantian Crowns.

The Tsar has commanded that, in honour of his new Heir, the Chivalry shall gather together at His will and hold the field against all comers, in a Tournament of Chivalry.

The future of the Chivalry is of most import to His Majesty; in as such it would be pleasing to Him to host a Youth Combat Tourny.

Our new Monarchs are most pleased by Heraldic Display, it is requested that Baronies, Households, Lords and Ladies display Arms, Pennons, and Banners at Their Tournament.

Site Information: Come join the Barony of Marinus while we celebrate Their Majesties Fall Crown Tournament. November 6-8

We open the gates at 4:00 on Friday the 6th. If you show up early we will assume you came to help set up :-)

Site will close at noon on Sunday the 7th.

Both parking and troll will be staffed for 24 hours beginning at 4:00 on the 6th to the 8th

Site Address:
Pipsico Reservation
57 Pipsico Road
Spring Grove, VA 23881

Important note: There are two similar camp names when pulled up in maps such as Google. Make sure you are going to Spring Grove, VA and NOT Surry, VA.

Site Restrictions:
Dry site
No animals
Parking in designated areas only; towing will be enforced by the Ranger on site.

From the South:
Make your way to I-95 N Take exit 31 toward Waverly Merge onto Sussex Dr/VA-40 Continue to follow VA-40 Continue on Martin Luther King Hwy Continue on VA-646 Continue on Swanns Point Rd Turn left at Pipsico Rd Destination will be on the right

From the North:
Make your to I-95 S Take exit 84A on the left for I-295 toward Rocky Mount NC Keep right at the fork to continue toward I-295 S and merge onto I-295 S Take exit 15A to merge onto E Hundred Rd/VA-10 toward Hopewell Continue to follow VA-10 Continue on E Randolph Rd Continue on James River Dr/VA-10/VA-156 Continue to follow VA-10 Slight left at VA-646 Continue on Swanns Point Rd Turn left at Pipsico Rd Destination will be on the right