Tang Dynasty Ruins Uncovered in Three Gorges Area

Travel in China: A large and well-preserved cultural center dating to the Tang Dynasty has been discovered in the Three Gorges area of China. Archaeologists working at a site in the Three Gorges area of China have unearthed "the only cultural relics of so large a scale of the Tang Dynasty ever revealed in that area," according to Li Yingfu, deputy professor of the Department of Culture and History of Sichuan University. The ruins are from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and cover an area of 150,000 square meters. So far, researchers have discovered 20 buildings and 20 tombs, as well as sculptures from late in the period, and they believe the site to have been a salt distribution center. All work on the site must be completed soon since the area is destined to be flooded by the enormous Three Gorges dam project.