[DRA] November Nights

The Shire of Polderslot is proud to announce its 20th anniversary. What better way to spend the chilly autumn evenings on such a joyous occasion then with reminiscing old times and filling the evening with stories of days gone by? Therefore we would like to invite you all to come and join us for these November Nights. Our cooks will prepare a glorious feast, inspired by the traditional Polderslot recipes of times of yore.

There will be dancing and we will also try to remember the steps from the dances that we haven’t done in years.

Please take along your Arts and Sciences-projects of long ago. We would like everyone to take projects (finished or (still…maybe even after all those years) in progress) for an Arts and Sciences display. Recent projects you’d like to share are of course also very welcome. We would also like to ask performing artists to share a song or a story about the history of our shire or our kingdom.

We have heard rumours that the visit of a guest from days gone by might cast a shadow on these festivities. Therefore we especially invite all fighters to join us and participate in a tourney connected to this mysterious visitor.

The event will include breakfast (Sat and Sun), Saturday lunch and feast and on Friday evening there will be hot soup and some bread.

There are bunk beds, but bring your own sheets, pillowcases and sleeping bags. If all beds are taken there is also crash space. The site opens Friday 20th November at 6.00 pm and closes Sunday 22nd November noon.

Adults EUR 35,-
Children 0-3 EUR 2,- when sleeping in their own campingbed; otherwise EUR 18,-
Children 4-12 EUR 25,-

Make your reservations by emailing the event steward.

Event Steward
Lady Hilde van Polderslot

Lady Helena van Amstelredamme

Lord Jehan de Lorraine

Master Floris

"Ons Thuis"
Oostappensedijk 32

Find your best way to the A67. Take exit 'Asten' (No 36) in the direction of Deurne (N608). At the roundabout take the exit to Deurne (N608). After approx. 2 km there’s a second roundabout, take the second exit here (still following N608). Then take the first road on your left (right after ponyfarm "the Ombos"). This road is called Oostappensedijk. (If you reach the railway and Deurne you are too far.) Follow the Oostappensedijk until just before a T-junction, where you go right into the dead end path that leads to the site.