Saint Ivan the Terrible?

Washington Post: Some Russians are now putting pressure on the Russian Orthodox Church to canonize Ivan the Terrible. In the western world, Ivan the Terrible is thought to have been... well, terrible. Not so in some parts of Russia today, where the Russian leader is thought to have been a hero or even a saint. Folk singer Zhanna Bichevskaya sees the tsar, who has gone down in history as one of the world's bloodiest tyrants, as a "warrior who served the church and worked to 'decimate Russia's enemies.'" She, and thousands of others, consisting of "a loose coalition of dissident priests, extreme nationalist newspapers and politicians, monarchists and an increasing number of regular Orthodox believers," would like to see Ivan declared a saint. The Russian church is not happy at this recent development.

"We don't think this is ridiculous," said Sergei Chapnin, editor of the official Russian Orthodox newspaper, the Church Herald. "We consider it to be a serious problem for the church. There is a group that is leading this propaganda, and thousands of people are under their sway. It threatens the unity of the church."

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