"Pattern and Loom" available online

Morgana de Mont-St-Michel of the Barony of Black Diamond in the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that Donald B. Wagner, co-author of the weaving book Pattern and Loom, has made the book available to download in PDF format.

Morgana de Mont-St.-Michel writes:

Donald B. Wagner, co-author of "Pattern and Loom" (John Becker) has inherited the copyright to this work, revised it, and posted it on the Interned for download.

The message that I received says that Mr. Wagner is also negotiating with a Danish publisher for a 2nd printed edition.

This book was written by a weaver who analyzed fancy period fabrics, such as samitum, lampas, and damask, figured out how they were woven, and made samples on drawlooms. This book describes his work. It is a wonderful book, and I am thrilled to see it so readily available.

Morgana de Mont-St-Michel