Sir Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi Victorious in Middle Kingdom Crown Tourney

Sir Radagaisus (Rutgur) Vidigoia Balthi has proven victorious in the Middle Kingdom Fall Crown Tournament. Prince Radagaisus fought for the honor of his lady, Baroness Ceinwen ferch Elidir O'Denbigh.

From a list of 21 noble contenders, the semi-finals fell to Radagaisus, facing Sir Logan, who fought for Mistress Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan. Radagaisus entered the semi-finals from the winners' bracket and required only one win against Sir Logan, who entered from the losers' bracket. Sir Kilian Fendrich, fighting for Lady Jale bint Amar, faced Sir Ixtilixochitl, fighting for Maestra Margherita Alessia. Sir Ix entered the semi-finals from the winners' bracket. Sir Kilian entered from the losers' bracket. Sir Kilian required two wins to defeat Sir Ix, then moved on to the finals to face Radagaisus.

The final bouts were intense (as they tend to be). All three bouts were fought with sword and shield. In the first bout, Radagaisus quickly brought Kilian to his knees. The fight came close-in, with the contenders shield-on-shield and battling for an opening. Radagaisus finally found that opening, and brought Kilian down with a smart blow to the head.

The final bout was just as close. This time, Kilian brought Radagaisus to his knees, but quickly followed him to the ground. Radagaisus took Kilian’s shield arm, and a hold was called to remove Kilian’s shield. There was a moment of confusion when Kilian forgot which arm he had lost, but he shifted his sword to the correct arm and the fight continued. It did not continue for long. There was a quick rap, and Kilian said, “wait.” He placed his sword arm behind his back, then said, “OK, ready?” Radagaisus gazed upon his armless opponent for a split second, then, with much laughter, threw his arms around Kilian.

Radagaisus then presented himself and Ceinwen to the Crown, and was proclaimed the victor. His Majesty Dag proclaimed that the heirs to the throne had been found, and presented Prince Radagaisus and Princess Ceinwen to the cheering crowd.

Prince Radagaisus will be using his proper name throughout his reign.

Number of entrants

After I had posted this, it came to my attention that one combatant was unable to attend Crown Tourney. Therefore, the full list numbered 20, not 21.