[EAS] Fall Harvest/Baronial Rattan Championship

Signore Capitano Cosmano invites all who read these words to the Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant's annual Fall Harvest/ Baronial Rattan Championship. The event will be a three-part affair, beginning at 10am on the day of the 24th of October, 2009. Saturday mid-morning to mid-afternoon, the Baronial Rattan Championship Tourney will take place. It will be run by the outgoing champion, Brien McShane.

Also Saturday, during the afternoon, an Arts & Sciences display and min-schola will be offered. The evening will see a feast and revel. Court will be at their Excellencies' discretion at 5pm on Saturday evening. The site closes at 10pm on Saturday.

A three remove feast will be begin at 6pm on Saturday, and there will be a day-long sideboard. The event will take place at "Le Centre Lajeunesse" in Montreal, Quebec.

The off-board rate is $13.00 per person. Feast will be a total of $20.00 per person and reservations must be received by the 10th of October. Merchants are welcome at a $10 table charge.

The site is discreetly damp, does not permit open flames and there are many shops and services within walking distance. Parking is either on the adjacent streets, or in limited quantity at the site.

Le Centre Lajeunesse
7378, rue Lajeunesse
Montréal (Québec), Canada H2R 2H8

Reservations can be emailed to: golden_horde_mongol@yahoo.com (Lady Acila)

As Steward, I can be reached at cosmano@wolfstar.ca