Pink is period!

How many times have you been told by SCA members, "Pink isn't period?" If the answer is more than two, you may want to take a look at a website created by Lady Louise which disputes this claim and offers historic images as evidence.

The website People Wearing Pink: 700+ Years of Images of People Wearing Pink offers a number of paintings showing medieval and Renaissance people depicted wearing pink clothing.

From the website:

I orignally conceived this display to go with the A&S them of Best Use of Pink at War of the Wings III. I received so many compliments on the concept that I decided to put it on the web to share it with more people. Due to space constraints the scope of the original display only featured Western European art. This online version will feature images from as many countries/cultures as possible. It currently contains images from only 700 years of the 1,000 years the SCA time frame covers, 600 CE - 1600 CE.


While I agree that pink is period, I'm not sure that all the images show a color that was originally painted to be pink. I think a lot of the pink color in the artwork shown is a result of pigments fading over time.