[DRA] Dance Moot VII

Winter has fallen upon the lands of Harpelestane, and we invite you in our own merry way to remain warm, dry and entertained in the dark Harpelestane nights: dancing.

Come join us on 6th Febuary 2010 for a day of dancing at the latest gathering of our Dance Moot. Dance classes will be held, with opportunities to practice in the evening at a ball. For the non-dancers, there will be a selection of period games to keep everyone entertained.

The site will be open from 11am to 11pm. Dance classes during the afternoon will cover both basics for beginners, and complex choreographies for the more advanced. A simple repast will be served around 6, to fortify us for further dancing into the evening.

Dance Moot will be held at the historic Priory Church in the village of Queensferry, just north of Edinburgh.

For more details or to make a reservation, kindly contact the event steward, Lady Estrid Figh by email at Estrid@enkelhem.org.uk The cost of the event will be £12 per person.