[OUT] Fontaine Toy Box

Unto the Mighty Outlands, does the Barony of Fontaine dans Sable send seasons greetings, and a hearty good cheer for the upcoming winter season. As the autumn leaves change color, and fall from the tree's it behooves us to turn our thoughts to those who need our help. Their Excellencies, Angus and Elizabeth, Baron and Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable have chosen this charity as our focus of concern, the San Juan Regional Hospital, Pediatric ward. .

They are in need of donations both monetary and in goods.

They need

  • Toys,
  • Crayons
  • Coloring books
  • blankets for 6 years and up children.
  • portable dvd players
  • childrens DVDs

To make this day better, there will be many tourney's to excite the crowds.

The Fontaine Toy Soldiers are recognized through the Entire Knowne World, as being valorous, brave fighters. It is time to choose more to join their ranks. The Defender of the children(heavy), and the Protector of the children(light), tourneys will be held. Heavy and Light respectively. The Setinal of the childrens tourney will be held the next day at Archery.

Event name, Toy Box
Site, Minium Park Aztec

Site Fee,suggested $5 donation, for Charity, children under 12 $2 donation, children under 5 free. Feast, Donation Lunch,

The Wooden spoon competition will be held as well, to decide who gets to hold this prize again for the upcoming year. (Children are invited to enter) The chosen them for this years deserts are PIES!. Bring out your best, dust those recipe books off, dust off your children and bring out your best for our epicurean delight.

The Donation lunch will be pulled pork sandwiches, a variety of breads, butters, cheeses and veggies. Hot tea, coffee, and cider will be available to drink.

200 N Park Ave Aztec, NM 87410 Coming from the South: take 550 North to Aztec. Turn left on to Park Ave. If you hit Safeway you have gone to far. Coming from the North: take 550 South to Aztec. Turn left on Main St. Turn right onto Park Ave. just past Safeway

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