[MER] Castle Wars VI

Camps flying English and French colors have been seen across the countryside, what predicament awaits our fair lands? People are disappearing and mysterious ransom notes being found. Again, is this an omen, and what do the sages say? Will Meridians have to pick a side to keep the peace? Who will pay to release these good upstanding gentles? Does Baron Cathal have anything to do with any of this?

Return to Castle Wars, set this time in the 14th Century, and find out the meaning to the above questions. Troll will open early on Friday so you can have more time to set up your camp, visit with friends, and revel in the fun that is Castle Wars!

November 20-22, Sandy Beach Park, Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Macon GA Hosted by the Barony of South Downs in association with Clan Darkwood and House Aylekeepe.

Event Stewards:

Duchess Lethrenn

THL Jocosa d’Auxerre


Baroness Elizabeth Rae (Heather Buchanan)