[WES] Rapier Training Retreat

I will be holding a Rapier Clinic on the 14th and 15th of November at my residence in Delhi CA. The workshop will focus mostly on rapier/dagger and how to maximize your effectiveness with that form. The other focus will be on the psychology of historical fencing and how to control the fight.

This will be an intense workshop and you will leave it very tired but with some new techniques and some muscle memory that will serve you well.

The schedule will be:

Friday, November 13, arrival mixer at 9pm.

Saturday, November 14
Breakfast 8am - 9am.
Training session one 9am - 12pm.
Lunch, 12pm - 1pm.
Training session two 1pm - 4pm.
Pickup fighting 4pm - 6pm.
Dinner 7pm.

Sunday, November 15
Breakfast 8am - 9am.
Training session three 9am - 12pm.
Lunch 12pm - 1pm.
Pickup fighting 1pm - till 3pm or later.

The cost will be $35.00 for food if you want to participate in the meals. We will be having a steak/chicken dinner on Saturday night and good festivities afterwards.

If you live in the area and/or would just like to show up for a good party, please contact me offlist. If you want to show up for pickups in the afternoon, and then party, that is cool too.

Accommodations: There is sleeping space in my house. Bring air mattress or borrow one of mine. There are many motels/hotels nearby.

Signup: To sign-up for this seminar/retreat, please contact me off list at blayde99@yahoo.com. I need a firm commitment as I need to keep the class size manageable.

Armor: SCA armor encourage although this is not an official SCA event.

Please contact me with questions at my above email address. If you would like to discuss on the phone, I will be happy to do so.


Don Joseph Blayde