Al-Hafla in Vancouver a Resounding Success

Shareef Musiqi al-Rashid al-Thaeib reports on the success of the recent al-Hafla held in An Tir. Shareef Musiqi al-Rashid al-Thaeib writes:

Greetings to all From the House al-Thaeib

Its been a bit more than two weeks since the 2nd al-Hafla here in Vancouver, and it is time to speak of this event. I thought about writing to each of my friends to thank them but now I think this is the best way, to tell the world how amazing we have grown this event in but one year

More than 100 people turned a hall into a Middle Eastern oasis of sound, teaching , music, dance and beauty. We had singing dancing instrumental music and solo performances. Our Guest instructors from Colorado and Salt Lake city were amazing, and honoured to be able to share this event. Next year they are thinking of bring their entire Arabic Consort.

Myrranda might talk to me again, one day after she forgives me for Razzing her, but wasn't her Solo Zill number amazing.

All the instructors - Thank You

I feel like there were too many people at the event that I did not spend enough time with, if so I hope to see you in my travels in An Tir, BC, USA or wherever you are from. Without all of you this event would not exist. Thank you to everyone.

Unfortunately, our event ran for but 13 hours and had to come to an end, but..

Pictures of the event will be posted on the website by next week. (Nov 24th - 28th, 2003.) The video is in the post production phase and its almost ready to be shipped.

Next Year's Hafla is Booked for November 6th, 2004, 175 people capacity. Abdul will be back to cook for us again

Lost & Found:
Bag - burgundy

I cannot express how amazing we in althaeib felt for the whole week after the event. This is why this letter is so over due.

Videos will be on sale via website for $30 each + $5.00 for postage if needed as soon as they are ready. The video is amazing. We just finished proofing it this evening.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended the event and thank you to all volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you next year

On behalf of Al-thaeib ...

Shareef Musiqi al-Rashid al-Thaeib
AoA, Sable Chime, MI
Apprentice to Ban - Tanist Celdae the Seeker

aka Dan Mason