[LOC] Feast of St Crispins

The Barony of Mordenvale and College of St Crispin's do invite all and sundry to a marvellous feast of Roman delicacies, to celebrate the Feast of St Crispins... after all, he is OUR saint (as is his brother).

Our noble warriors will entertain you with a tourney, and there shall also be silk wrestling. The Flagon Wagon did indeed survive Spring War, and must be blessed. And, if we are really really lucky (or perhaps not) the Mordenvale Dance Troupe will entertain us in the evening.

Date: October 24, 2009
Venue: St Andrews Church Hall, 31a Church St Mayfield Goulburn, NSW
Cost: $15 (yes, we will feed you to bursting for a bargain!)

Bookings to: Leoba of Ithingdun clawrie1@bigpond.net.au
Bookings close October 22, 2009.