[DRA] Insulae Draconis Principality Coronet Tourney

The First Insulae Draconis Principality Coronet Tourney will be held on the 19th – 21st February in Gilwell Park, in the ancient Royal Epping Forest.

The shire of Thamesreach bids you all come and mark this joyous occasion and bear witness to Insulae Draconis’ elevation to a new and Princely estate. This is not an event to be missed.

When: 19th – 21st February 2010
Where: Gilwell Scout Camp*, Epping, London
Who: Event Stewards – Lady Edith of Hedingham, Lady Constanza of Thamesreach
Reservations Steward – Lady Constanza of Thamesreach
Feast Cook – Lady Lyonett de Covenham
What: We have a splendid venue, with 100 Beds, heaps of bathrooms, and easy transport links to all five of London’s Airports.
Cost: £40, children under 12 £10.

Gilwell Scout camp is the Scout Association’s Headquarters, and the Lodges we have are their newest, one completed just a couple of months ago. Huge amounts of green space, great kitchens, and awesome transport links. Chingford Rail station (1.4 Miles from Site) is in Zone 5 and links to Liverpool Street Station.