"Zombies" attack Gleann Abhann Royals

The recent Coronation of William II and Onora II was not without incident as Their Majesties' retinue was overcome with a fit of zombie-ism. The frightening event was chronicled by Kingdom Historian Baroness Barbara Sterling in a missive to Baroness Morgana of the Mists.

Her Excellency writes:

Most Honorable Baroness Morgana of the Mists,

It delights me to believe that by today's date the requirements for your employ are hopefully complete and we will soon be able to enjoy your attendance at events. I have missed your smile and all that is you.

I fear dear cousin that there is somber news of something that happened the weekend of October 3, 2009 AS XLIV. You may wish to fetch your tissue box. I am sure it is news that concerns all Gleann Abhann. It began as their Majesties Loric and Diana and most of their entourage traveled home from the Shire of Loch Bais and the outstanding Competition of the Arts & Sciences. Along the way they encountered what seem best described as monsters. I was so shocked by the tale and the sight of the disheveled band who attended our King and Queen at first morning court that I heard little more. Those who normally assist and protect the Crown grinned, stared into space, and seemed to grow worse moment to moment. Most unnatural were both the hue of their skin and their carriage as many lurched or dragged a leg. Only Diana’s Champion Sir James the Holy and Their Herald Lord Bran Finn hua Neill (Finian) seemed unaffected by the malady. Even when Their Majesties were forced to slap hands and demand that growling sounds cease, we felt sure our Royals were safe. I am unable to put into words further sights from behind the thrones, although bloody zombie comes to mind. Then Diana went into a “Mother” mode as a stern talking was called for. Ever the noble Queen, Diana called for Kingdom Seneschal Ravenswar to hold Her Crown while a measure of discipline was dealt. But what ensued was frightening as Diana went behind the thrones and was set upon by that horde. With Her call for help His Majesty Loric shed his Crown and went to Her aid. Alas, even this Knight said to have walked on water found this rowdy bunch too much to overcome.

When the thrones were again occupied we saw the quick working effects of this illness. Nearly all of the afflictions that had beset the entourage were now seen on Gleann Abhann’s Royal Pair. The voice of Her Majesty was especially changed. The words They spoke did not always make sense and the Populace showed great concern. When Ravenswar, maintaining the Crowns, coaxed and led them all away Their last Court was closed. The announcement that the Great Ram Thrones of Gleann Abhann were now empty was made and Knights were called to guard them. A swift runner was sent to alert the heirs William and Onora that the continuation of the Kingdom by Their elevation was highly anticipated.

Be assured all is once again in good hands and more details will soon follow as to important events of the day. Loric and Diana became Count and Countess returning to the day’s second court “all better now” having visited one of Axemoor’s noted witchdoctors who spoke healing words of “Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang”.

I cannot close this missive without telling you of the rejoicing and laughter that accompanied the elevation of one who wore the yellow Protégée’ belt of Mistress Eilidh nin Choinnich, but now displays the medallion and wreath of a Laurel. All aspects of the elevation of Baroness Etheldred NicEoghainn (Dredda) were well presented and the reception at the Green Dragon was exceptional. It was most certainly well deserved. Blackmoor Keep member Nigel is now The Honorable Baron Nigel de Rothewelle’ having received a Grant of Arms from those obviously infected Sovereigns. The Sentry was once again claimed by THLord Wulfram Forrester who kept the Live Weapons title in the family succeeding son Shawn in the position. THLord Dafydd ap y Kynith saw his arrows accurately strike the target and again stands as Yeoman of Gleann Abhann. The Silver Lamp called for the inclusion of Count Loric Silvestris. Baroness Anna Genevieve of Ancyra and THLord Frederick Alton were called by the Diamond Chalice. The event attendance was estimated at 276.

Members of the Shire of Troll Fen, our Kingdom’s oldest shire were wonderful hosts. There are other activities to mention including a most fine feast with Bacon Baklava as the winner of the dessert competition but that story must wait for later. Although not yet present, in days that follow images and description of this Coronation event will be listed on Travels with Lady Barbara.

Until that happy time when next we meet,

Baroness Barbara Sterling
Gleann Abhann Historian

The stuff of legends

For years, the survivors will recall how they were there the day the zombies attacked!

Happy Halloween, Gleann Abhann!