New performances on CalonSound

Mathurin reports that several new Jubilee performances have been added to the CalonSound project website.

Mathurin writes:

I recently realized that I had some recordings that had either not been uploaded at all or had been uploaded but never posted, including 4 from the Jubilee sessions. I will be working through those in the next few weeks, but here are a couple from Lillies:
  • Helena Panier "Trim, Glorious Trim"
  • Helena Panier "Something a'Jingling"

Well it took less time than I thought to edit these, and I had more time than I thought I would have, so here are the final two (very late) recordings from Jubilee

  • Rhodri ap Hywel tells the story of a science project at Gulf Wars -- studying the mating and migratory habits of golf carts:
  • Darhien Cordell relates a vignette about the Triatian War:

My apologies to those who were forgotten but, luckily, not lost.

-- Mathurin

Two additional uploads recently added:

  • Harald of Bear's Haven tells a story of Changelings, and the Queen's Moustache
  • Fiona nic Gormlaith tells some stories about Mikal the Ram: