West Kingdom victor offers romantic proposal

West Kingdom herald Caoilinn Rose Maddox gives a "herald's point of view" of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. The Tourney was won by Sir Uther Schiemann der Hunt, inspired by Kára Báreksdóttir, who received a romantic proposal. (photos)

Caoilinn Rose Maddox writes:

First, huzzah for both Gunther and Brand McClellan for facing Uther and giving the West memorable battles that kept all of us talking long after they were finally finished (Gunther and Uther in the 7th round, the fight lasted almost 15 minutes and all of it was glorious!).

Janos and Uther in finals - Janos made an outstanding effort, but went down after the third bout.

So, it's going to be a field investiture as Uther usually prefers. We all run onto the field to witness. After Uther is crowned with the wreath, he stands and takes the circle of roses to present to Kara. He starts talking about their preparations for Crown, and how everything in life runs in circles and now it comes to the ring of roses - he stops, takes a deep breath and says "Kára Báreksdóttir, will you marry me?" The look of shock and joy on her face was absolutely priceless. He lifts her to feet and hugs her, while everybody starts clapping and cheering. We hear a loud voice say (I think it was Jade), "Wait, has she said yes?" Kara stops hugging and faces the crowd, and then nods her head and says "yes," then goes back to hugging and kissing Uther. Not a dry eye on the whole field!

Lady Antonia was on hand with her camera to capture the moment.