SCA Begins in Thailand

As of the West Kingdom's October Crown, the Society for Creative Anachronism officially has members and an incipient Canton in a country where it has never existed before: the modern Kingdom of Thailand.

Created as a Canton of the Palatine Barony of the Far West, the Incipient Canton of the Golden Plains (name pending) has five paid members and five to six other participants who are not currently paid. They are a mixture of SCA members originally from other Kingdoms and Thais who are interested in the middle ages.

In addition to founding themselves, the group will be hosting the Palatine Barony of the Far West's Coronet Tourney on October 24th, which is the three-day weekend for Chulalongkorn Day in Thailand. The Coronet tourney will serve also as the group's founding event, and is currently scheduled to host the Palatine Baroness and Baron as well as several other nobles from Japan.

This is the first group to be founded in Thailand, and it represents an additional three thousand miles of territory for the Palatine Barony and the Kingdom of the West.