Dagorhir Ragnarok 2010 at Cooper's Lake Campground

Ragnarok will be held at Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA, the week of June 13th-20th, 2010.

The campground will be closed to mundanes for this week, giving us prime camping space, which should allow for 50-75% of camps to have access to power hookups, and 100% of camps to have running water. There will not be a noise restriction. It looks like the price increase will be minimal, hopefully only a $10 increase, with a possible discount for pre-registration. Final prices will be announced soon, and pre-reg will be open by December 1st. Merchant pre-registration information will be posted within the next month.

As mentioned before, Cooper's Lake does not allow pets at this event, and minors are only allowed if their parent or permanent legal guardian is on site. Early arrival to the event is difficult. There are two groups sharing Cooper's Lake the weekend before Rag, scheduled to leave on Sunday before we open troll. Ragnarok is allowed a small group to be onsite to set up, but your name must be included on a written list we will submit to the campground, and even then you will probably not be able to set up in your official campsite.

If you have to show up early to Cooper's Lake and are not on the approved list, it is possible to do so, but it will cost you $30/person/night ($15/minor) in addition to the normal Rag fees.

We have separate, easily accessible fields for day battles (with the permanent castle, of course) night battles (with two light towers this year) and woods battles.

Ragnarok is Dagohir's largest war event.

Zachariah von Marksburgh