Estrella War News You Can Use

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall of the Estrella War XXVI Media Office has the latest updates on the upcoming War.

Dame Katharine writes:

As we prepare for Estrella War XXVI, there are lots of things we’d like you to know about, but we don’t want to clog up your e-mail or overburden the lists, so we are bundling many messages in each Estrella War News You Can Use release.

There are 4 messages in this release so keep scrolling down to read the ones that interest you. Thanks!

  1. Volunteer Hours earn $$ for YOUR local SCA group!
  2. Volunteer on-line sign up is open. Estrella War really, really needs YOU!
  3. Wanna drive a truck at War?
  4. Estrella War Meeting for October 2009 is re-scheduled for October 13.

#1 Estrella War rewards volunteers three ways! First is by providing actual dollars to any official group whose volunteers report their hours to the Volunteer coordinator. Second is with daily volunteer raffle prizes during the War. Third is the good feelings you get as a volunteer and the fun you have participating in the War. So please volunteer to give your hours to help your local group, to get a chance at a raffle prize and for the fun of it! Volunteers at Estrella War XXV (2009) earned $6,488.98 for their groups!

#2 The Volunteer sign up page is on line. Look for the section marked Volunteering just below the blue banner at the top of the home page. Take special note of the links to the online Volunteer Sign up form as well as “Where are Volunteers Needed?” which gives a brief account of the kinds of volunteer positions available at war, “Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering” and “Field Support at Estrella War” which explains how water bearing and other Field Support activities will be handled at Estrella War XXVI All these information pages may be reached from links at the bottom of the Volunteering page. Check them out!!!!

#3 Volunteer Truck Drivers Needed. Pinal County is requiring Estrella War to have a Water Truck spray the road leading to the site and the roads on site a minimum of twice per day. If you have a current Commercial Drivers Licence (from any state) and you would be willing to help with this important task, please contact The “gray water” from the shower trucks also needs to be emptied four times a day and drivers are needed for that job too. Lady Rachael Phethean, Estrella War Site Setup/Contact Coordinator reminds us that the more folk who volunteer, the lighter the work load will be! Please help if you can, everyone will be grateful for this important service!

#4 Monthly Estrella War meeting rescheduled to October 13 at 6:30pm at Garcia’s Restaurant at 35th Avenue and Encanto Blvd. in Phoenix, Arizona. Anyone interested in attending is welcome!

Thanks and see you at War!

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall