Farewell to Duchess Kolfinna Kottr

We sadly report that Duchess Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP, modernly known as Kitty Sexton, entered the halls of Valhalla on Thursday, October 1, 2009 as a result of illness.

Formerly known as Ciana Masina della Luna, Duchess Kolfinna lived in the Barony of Dun Or in the Kingdom of Caid. She was Caid's first female home-grown Knight, receiving that accolade in 2005 from TRM Direk IV and Chamayn. She was known as a courageous and inspiring leader in battle, and her accomplishments in the arts and sciences -- everything from armour to embroidery -- prove that a strong warrior can also be a fine artisan.

Her extensive service to the SCA and her Kingdom included many offices in the Marshallate as well as Minister of Arts and Sciences, Webwright, and Deputy Society Seneschal. She was an accomplished teacher and writer, having instructed classes for fighters and written many articles on the subject, some of which are published on the Sword Maiden web site. When a Caid couple were injured and lost their belongings in a house fire in 2008, then-Queen Kolfinna was among the first to get involved in helping to organize a relief effort among the SCA extended family.

Not surprisingly, she was recently elevated to the Order of the Pelican for her outstanding and ongoing service to others. She became ill shortly after her elevation ceremony, was hospitalized on September 13, and had been battling pneumonia and H1N1 influenza until she finally succumbed on October 1. Even in this last battle, she showed her courage and fighting spirit. Kolfinna in her last hours was surrounded by friends and family, and in the words of a loved one, "died with a weapon in her hand."

This beautiful and respected lady will be missed by all those whose lives she touched. A memorial is planned for Great Western War, and numerous poetic tributes have been posted on the Caid Commons web site. A blog posted by Duke Sven details her fight against the illness that eventually claimed her life, and this web site will also have details about memorial services as this information becomes available.

Farewell, Sir Kolfinna, and may the valkyries speed you to Valhalla.

Kitty will be missed

The Duchess was one of the brightest stars in Caid and will be missed. She was good and kind to everyone. She joined the SCA when she was 16, and died at 29. She really lived the Dream.

(for the record, she was the first FEMALE home-grown knight)

Kitty will be missed

> for the record, she was the first FEMALE home-grown knight

I apologize for the typo. I knew this when I wrote the story but accidentally left out the word "female." I've corrected the article, and thanks for the reminder.

Also, I want to thank Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin for her kind assistance as a contact person for this story.