Atlantian Ban on Visible Modern Armor Soon in Effect

In the Kingdom of Atlantia, law section 10.1.4 banning armor of overtly modern appearance at Kingdom events, will be in effect as of December 1, 2003. Section 10.1 of the Atlantian Great Book of Law forbids canned beverages, smoking, and use of flash photography in the public areas of Society events, except in special circumstances. Section 10.1.4, relating to armoured combat standards, reads:

All plastic and/or modern sports equipment used by all participants on the field of combat must be covered in a manner to disguise the material in an attempt to display historical pre-17th Century accoutrements to the average passerby. This section and its subsections will take effect December 1, 2003.

The law goes on to exempt certain modern equipment needed by water bearers or that which is medically necessary for the participant.

Comments have begun to circulate on Internet lists suggesting that other kingdoms are considering similar laws, and many are watching to see how well or how poorly this new law will work in Atlantia. The West Kingdom, in particular, is said to have a vigorous ongoing discussion of this topic.

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