The Known World Handbook Needs Your Help

Baron Kainin, Known World Handbook Deputy to the President, SCA, Inc., requests the help of SCA members to complete the project by contributing articles on a number of subjects.

His Excellency writes:

The Known World Handbook project is nearing the end of the article gathering process and we need your help. We are in desperate need of authors knowledgeable in the following core areas to write an article for the Known World Handbook. If you know of anyone I could contact (name, email and/or phone) that is well versed in these areas and a good author I would really appreciate the lead or feel free to forward on this email:
  • Basic Starter Garb - Male
  • Basic Starter Garb - Female
  • SCA Youth Combat Overview
  • SCA Target Archery 101
  • SCA Combat Archery 101
  • Preparing to Fight in the SCA
  • Creating a Starter Rattan/Hard-Suit Fighting/Amour Kit
  • Creating a Starter Rapier Fighting/Amour Kit
  • Your First Tournament
  • Fighting Etiquette
  • Chivalry & the Concepts of Honor
  • Basic Rattan/Hard-Suit Fighting Styles
  • Basic Rapier Fighting Styles
  • Basic Rattan/Hard-Suit Drills
  • Basic Rapier Drills
  • Brief Kingdom Histories*
  • Specific Kingdom Customs*
  • Still Accepting Various A&S How-To Articles

The Known World Handbook is targeted to new comers to the SCA with less than 2 years experience, will be universal with concepts that span all Kingdoms, will contain topics and information that will last at least 10 years and needs to support existing SCA documents and handbooks, not try to replace them.

The deadline for the final call for articles is December 1, 2009. Please try to keep the articles between 800 and 3000 words (one to four 8.5x11 pages). Please submit them via Microsoft Word files, or in the body of an email to: If you send in any articles, artwork, or photographs, please fill out the KWH release form available online and email it back to us at

Wes Hanna (Baron Kainin)
KWH Deputy to the President, SCA, Inc.