Photos from the Pennsic 38 Known World Chivalry Tournament

Ursus of Anglesey reports that he has posted an album of photos from the Pennsic XXXVIII Known World Chivalry Tournament.

From an email list posting:

The first 12 pages of photos are from the Pennsic Known World Chivalry Tournament I, that Duke Lucan arranged so the chivalry could fight each other one on one on Wednesday, also hang out, discuss stuff and have fun. Two round robin pools, so plenty of fighting guaranteed.

Duke Edmund of the Middle defeated Sir Kenric of the East in the finals (hewing spears and Danish axes).

Incorrect attribution

With all due respect, I do not believe Sir Richard ever tried to take credit for these photos, which were in fact taken by me and posted on my website. He was merely passing along the link.

Mistakes and misunderstandings happen, and I am more amused than insulted, but I thought I should at least correct the record. I work very hard on my photos, and I enjoy sharing them, but I feel I deserve the credit for doing so. :)

There are, in fact, over 40,000 SCA pictures on my website (, going back over ten years.

Thanks to all the participants for allowing me the privilege of recording these memories and sharing them with you.

Ursus of Anglesey

Apologies for the error

Lord Ursus, we sincerely apologize for the attribution error, and I have corrected the article. Sometimes in the context of an email list posting a link to something else, the identity of the original author is ambiguous.

To paraphrase the famous New York Times tagline, " regrets the error."

By way of atonement, I have added a permanent link to your photo album site, from our Weblinks directory: If you want to spice up the descriptive text, just email me at publisher (at) scatoday (dot) net.