[ART] Feast of St. Esebell /Baronial Investiture

Come join us as we witness the stepping down of Baron Hachmood Braden von Soberheim & Baroness Mistress Giliana Attewatyr, the Investiture of 8th Baron and Baroness for Arn Hold, and last but not least we will choose a new Baronial A&S Champion AND our FIRST Baronial Youth A&S Champion.

Requirements to enter for Baronial Champion will be 3 entries in at least 2 Grand Categories for adults. The Youth Champion requirements will be posted soon.

There will be a small tournament or two and a few classes to fill in your day. Our New Baroness will put forth a challenge to choose her champion.

A three remove feast honoring the Miracles of St. Esebel will be prepared by our lovely Ladyship Ivegard Sask, so come prepared to eat.

Site Info:
Boise Church of Christ, 2000 El Dorado Blvd., Boise ID 83704

This is a dry, NO pets allowed site.

Site Opens: 9:00AM Site Closes: 10:00pm

Site Fee: Adults $6.50, Children 6-16 $3.00

Feast Fee: $4.50 per person
Feast is limited to 80 people, Please send reservations to Lady Syeira no later than October 1st, 2009.

Event Steward: Lady Syeira LadySyeira@yahoo.com
Co-Event Steward: Senora Teresa de Cadiz
Feast Steward: HL Ivegard Sask