[AET] Queen's Rapier Champion

The Shire of Sunderoak invites one and all to attend as Her Majesty Elena chooses the next Queen's Rapier Champion Saturday, October 3, 2009

From Talhoffer or Marozzo, Agrippa or Viggiani to Silver, Saviolo or de Grassi. All of these Masters of Defense took advantage of opportunities to test their mettle and skill. So too should the fencers of AEthelmearc. To that end, a Grand Tournament will be held to to choose the next Queens Rapier Champion.

This event is scheduled for Oct. 3rd at Coopers Lake Campground within the Shire of Sunderoak. Site will open at 10 am and close at 10 pm. Our Tollner will greet all visitors to the event at the bottom of Runestone Hill

The Champions tourney will begin promptly at noon. The tourney format will depend on the number of fencers who participate in the tournament. Pomp and pageantry are the order of the day and heraldic displays are highly encouraged.

Your Autocrat for the day is Sir Aengus MacBain

A sumptuous feast will be prepared by our own THL Katla Ulfhedinn. Seating will be limited to 48 gentles, so reserve early. Please contact her directly regarding any dietary concerns

Heavy fighters, fear not, for you too will get a chance to test your mettle. THL Vlad Mechnik will be running a William Marshal tournament to challenge any who would stand the field. Inspections will begin at 1:00.

Last, but certainly not least, an A&S challenge will be held for the artisans of the Realm to showcase their skills. Artists are being asked to ** create a favor or token for Their Majesties largesse chest ** The entries will be judged by Their Majesties and the winning entry will be given to the Queens Rapier Champion. All of the remaining entries will be given to Their Majesties to use during Their Reign.

Take your best route to I-79 in Pennsylvania.
Take Exit 99, for Route 422 West. Exit is between I-80 and the PA Turnpike. Turn left Proceed approximately 3/4 mile to the sign for Cooper's Lake Campground and turn right onto Currie Road. Watch for sign for Troll. The event is being held in different area of the campground than you are used to for local events held at this site.