Austrian museum photos online

Racaire reports that she has posted a number of albums of photos from her recent museum excursions on her Flickr website.

  • Stephansdom (some memorial stones / gravestones with interesting clothing details)
  • Deutschordenskirche
  • Some additional photos at the KHM (Cranach, Holbein, Beham, van Cleve,...)
  • Approximately 200 pictures of the small portraits from the "Portraitsammlung Erzherzog Ferdinand II von Tirol" on display at the Münzkabinett of the KHM - the portraits were collected during the last 20 years of his life (died 1595) and show pictures of famous persons of his time and the time before, the text tells furthermore that a very high affinity of the portrait to the person was important for Erzherzog Ferdinand II.
  • Also KHM - some new and also additional pictures of the ‘Kartons’ for tapestries and also some new close ups (of some interesting male and female clothes). I am very sorry but I was not allowed to take photos of the current "Karl der Kühne" (Charles the Bold) exhibition of the KHM.
  • Some additional photos at the Wien Museum
  • I would like to point all artisans who work with wood to the absolutely awesome game board owned by General Albrecht von Wallenstein – Bohemia, ca. 1600
  • Finally, I couldn't resist to take a picture of 12-13th century candleholder found at the MAK, Austria (