[OUT] War of the Staked Plaines

War is upon us; are there any who will defend Outlands eastern boarders? We now have new and upcoming fighters and they will need instructions. These fighters are a bit green so they will need some gentle force to correct their errant ways. There is a $7.00 site fee plus a $3.00 non member fee and a $5 feast fee.

There will be heavy fighting scenarios to please the seasoned fighters

Rapier, Archery with game galore, and Feasting, ah the feasting!

Dinner will be at or around 6:00 p.m. Saturday.
The feast will be done by the renowned Lady Clothilde (best cook ever! next to Lady Tarrasa) and Lady Mari There will be roasted fowl, and pork with green beans and tubers, as well as other delectable goodies. (Perhaps goat for lunch) Then we finish out the day with Bardic around the camp fire at dusk or dark Saturday evening.

When you ask? It will be held Friday 2 Oct 09, the gates will open at or around 5 pm to set up camp and to socialize with the main events such as fighting and Archery on Saturday the 3rd of October, then close at or around 1 pm Sunday, 4 Oct 09.

Where? You say. At the Keep on CR 17, make your best way to Clovis NM go north on prince street about 5 miles north of Wal Mart turn right (east) on CR17 (South of town, Prince street is also U.S. 70 and north of town it is the 209) Coming from the north on the 209 you will need to turn left (east) on CR17, there is a permanent sign on the corner of CR17 and the 209. Travel east about 1.5 miles on the left hand side (north side) of the CR17 road. Come and meet our new members.

This is a camping event so bring your tents, this site is discreetly wet and pets on a leash are welcome. So please come and have a good time.