[MER] Legends XVIII: The Crusades

We invite you to join the Shire of Sol Haven at AH Stephens State Park on November 6th through November 8th as we present LEGENDS: THE CRUSADES.

Legends XVIII: The Crusades will be hosted at AH Stephens Park over the weekend of November 6th-8th, and will feature more fighting than you can shake a stick at!

The Cross and Crescent Tournament - with a Prize for the Victor
The Pilgrims' Journey Tournament - for Those who have never won a Tourney
The Protector of the Sun Tournament - with a Medallion and a Custom Made
Shield as a Prize
The Warlord's Tournament - lead by the Unvanquished Winners of the Previous Tourneys
The Meridian Youth Combat Championship Tournament - with Shields as Prizes brand Pick Up Fighting as well!!

We'll also be having Archery Competitions - with a Hand-Made bow as a prize Classes: Including Earl Richard Raefen's fabled "Crusades" Class and Others


At the will of Their Majesties Boru and Deirdre we will also be hosting the Kingdom Bard and Poet Laureate Competitions!! Bards and Poets limber up your voices and your pens and come to perform for Their Majesties and the Glory of Meridies!!

The event also will feature what promises to be a truly excellent East Meets West Feast, Revels, and a Legendary Good Time for All!

A.H. Stephens Historic Park
456 Alexander St N
Crawfordville , GA 30631

Located north of I-20 near Crawfordville. Take exit #148 and go north on Ga. Hwy. 22 for 2 miles. Go east on U.S. Hwy. 278 1 mile and follow signs.