Tournament of the Phoenix and Festival of History

In its third year, the Tournament of the Phoenix has proven to be a unique learning experience as well as an exciting sporting event. Only the most highly skilled knights from around the world are invited to compete for the prize. Protected by real, museum grade armour, they engage in a series of events which demonstrate their proficiency in many of the skills essential to the Medieval knight.

This is an incomparable opportunity for students and their families to learn about the history of knights and the society they lived in from men who know first hand what it takes to be a real knight. They can discuss topics such as chivalry, the knight’s code of honour, what it is like to wear and use armour, the role of horses in the Middle Ages and other fascinating topics from real live knights! This year’s featured guests include Dr. Tobias Capwell, Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection in London, and Scott Farrell of the award winning ‘Chivalry Today’ program. This year the event expands to include a Festival of History featuring living history presentations from the Romans to the Renaissance. Fun, food and excitement, this event should not be missed!

PVRA/Poway Rodeo Grounds
14336 Tierra Bonita Road
Poway CA 92065 USA