Tudor life at Hampton Court Palace

Dame Alys Katharine of the Midrealm reports that the Hampton Court Palace website includes a series of short videos celebrating Tudor times, cooking, and the life of King Henry VIII.

Cooking videos includes a look inside the King's confectionery, lighting a kitchen fire, using spices in Tudor cooking, cooking apparel, and the life and work of the kitchen boys.

The website also includes several videos about Henry VIII including interviews with historians about Henry's life, biographoes of his wives, and a short film on Katheryn Parr's wedding day preparations,


  • King's Confectionery
  • Lighting a Tudor fire - without matches
  • Show and tell with spices
  • What the cooks wore and why
  • Turning the spit
  • All About Henry: Interviews
  • Henry's women
  • Dressing the lady

All videos may be accessed by clicking on the "Watch the cooks at work" link on the website and selecting additional titles from the relative links.