Photos of Thomas the Inquisitive online

Eirik Andersen has created an album of historic photos from the earliest days of the Kingdom of Ealdormere and posted them on the Two Ravens website. The photos are from the collection of Thomas the Inquisitive.

Photos included in the album were taken at the following events:

  • The Last Investiture of the Principality of Ealdormere
  • Ealdormere Crown Tournament #1
  • Murder Melee 1998
  • Septentrian 20th
  • Lusty Day in May
  • Gathering of the Clans
  • Adrielle's Adeiu
  • Pennsic War XXVI
  • Baronial Birthday Bath IX
  • Don't Wrestle a Pinetree Naked
  • Ealdormere fall Coronet Tourney 1997
  • Gunthar and Morgan's Investiture