[MID] Rendezvous at the Bridge XX

The Shire of Riviere Constelle cordially invites you to join in the fun and festivities at our 20th annual Rendezvous at the Bridge event.

October 9-11, 2009 (A.S. 44)

Lincoln State Park
Lincoln City, Indiana

Cabins and Tent Camping available! ! ! (On-lead pets allowed, overnight pets at tent camping site only, absolutely NO PETS in CABINS!)


  • Armored Combat: Tentative Friday torchlight tourney; Saturday: William Marshal Style prize tourney and melees „till you drop! If raining, we have a covered fighting area and tourney will be a modified bear pit. Fighters must show proof of membership, authorization card, ID and site token.
  • Fencing: Authorizations and prize tourney. Fighters must show proof of membership, authorization card, ID and site token.
  • Classes: Various classes will be running all day. Please see our web site for details.
  • A&S: Populace-vote A&S contests for both adults and youth. Please bring your A&S items to display. Documentation optional.
  • Coursing of the Queen‟s Greyhounds sponsored by the Middle Kingdom Coursing Guild (weather permitting).
  • Thrown Weapons practice area & competition.
  • Merchants are welcome and there is no fee! No indoor space or tables are available. Please bring your own shade. Contact merchant liaison for details & to pre-register. You may set up tents/shades for your wares, but you MAY NOT camp with your merchandise. This is a State Park rule and cannot be violated!
  • Other Activities: Harald Hardraada Piñatas for children & adults, dancing and campfire/bardic circle!
  • PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO drop-off child-care! Children attending classes must be accompanied by a responsible teen or an adult. There is a lake and woods nearby, with all of the associated poison ivy and insects. Children left un-attended too long will be given an espresso and a free puppy.