[ATE] Southern Cruades

Spread the word! The Kingdom has helped make Southern Cruades a success and we are giving back! Come join the Baronies of Tir Ysgithr and Mons Tonitrus at Southern Crusades, November 12-16 at Winkelman Flats Park, in Winkelman, AZ. Site fees for Southern Crusades have been reduced! Pre-register on ACCEPS and adult members pay $20.00. Youth ages 5 thru 17 $8.00.

Pre-registering allows you on site beginning 8:00 am Thursday, November 12. Site opens Thursday at Noon for general admission. Pre-registering saves you $5. Pre-registering allows you on site when troll is closed.

In other words, you must be pre-registered in order to get on site after hours. If you think you will be arriving after hours, please take advantage of the savings and pre-register through ACCEPS. Those who are unable to use ACCEPS and want to pre-register should contact me off list.